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President, Counselor (Family and Spiritual) and Financial Adviser
Reverend Amselin Ngum

Rev. Amselin Ngum was born and raised in Buea-Cameroon, West of Africa. He attended UPCI-COT and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in theology. He went on to serve as Pastor in Cameroon, and then as a missionary in Morocco. He moved to the United States in 2013 and has been ministering for over 24 years on the gospel field for Jesus Christ. He is currently the founder and lead Pastor of the church, Father’s House Divine Shelter Ministries Inc in Oregon.  

Transitioning from Africa to the United States was full of challenges which he navigated and learned a lot of lessons through the process. Beside preaching and teaching in the capacity of a Pastor, Rev. Amselin is a licensed financial professional and a realtor with Oregon First. He is the founder and visionary of Family Life Alignment. The vision to start Family Life Alignment was born from the realization that immigrants need orientation and help to navigate the US system and to establish themselves in this land full of opportunities. From his personal experience and from interacting with clients as pastor and realtor, he recognizes that some of the mistakes immigrants make can be avoided with the right information, counselling and coaching. He thus believes in empowering immigrants to be better and to succeed as a family unit, in all arenas of life including mental, spiritual and professional.

Rev. Amselin has been married to his lovely wife Dr. Liz Ngum since June 2018. He is a man who loves Jesus, loves studying the Word of God and loves connecting with people and building relationships. He strives to accept everyone for whom they are without judgment and believes a healthy community is medicine for a broken heart and soul.

He enjoys spending time with his family, gardening, hiking and watching movies.

Vice President and Academic Coach
Dr. Liz Ngum

Dr. Liz Ngum originates from Bamenda - Cameroon, West of Africa and moved to the US as a student on scholarship to pursue a graduate degree in chemistry. As an immigrant student, Liz faced culture shock and several challenges including the challenge of maintaining her visa status upon graduation. She obtained a research job in her field of study (oncology) that facilitated the process of her obtaining her US Citizenship. Liz is experienced with the process of securing scholarships, navigating the educational system in the US and understands what it takes to transition from a student to a professional. She is passionate about empowering others on their educational and career journey and has mentored several immigrant and minority students who have gone on to secure meaningful careers in research, engineering and healthcare.

Dr. Liz is currently a Chemistry professor at Portland College Community College where she continues to touch and impact lives through teaching and mentoring. Additionally, she is a community leader and a licensed financial professional.  She is the vice-president and academic coach for Family Life Alignment and is passionate about helping immigrant students acquire scholarships, maintain their scholarships and succeed in their education and careers.

Liz is married to the love of her life, Rev. Amselin Ngum and they both live in Gresham, Oregon. She loves spending time with her family, outdoor activities such as hiking, nature walks, singing, and travelling to new and familiar destinations.

Mental Wellness Expert (Personal, Mindset and Execute Coach)
Reverend Dr. Ethel Biba

Reverend Dr Ethel is a Certified John Maxwell transformational speaker, leadership trainer, Mental wellness/mindset, executive and personal life coach. In addition, she is a healthcare professional in the field of Psychiatry, an ordained minister of the gospel, a community leader, mother to 3 amazing children, a sister, and a friend.

She is the CEO and founder of Crowned Design Academy, a coaching, speaking, and training platform, which customizes services, based on the specific needs, goals and desires of partners. She greatly promotes mental wellness, empowers, motivates, uplifts, educates and equips individuals, groups, communities, corporations to becoming the best version of themselves.

The transition from knowledge to action is the greatest mindset shift, and Dr Ethel has successfully helped many individuals face and conquer this space. Her mission is to see to it that that every person, organization, community, cooperation, regardless of their creed, nationality, race, gender, stance in life, feels and believes that they are limitless and can always offer their best. How? You guessed right… through mental wellness, customized for YOU, by YOU, with You in mind.”

She is the recipient of the 2018 CNS Healthcare Clinical Award of Excellence for always going above and beyond. Nominee for the 2022 Clinical award of excellence.

Her drive is a deep-seated love for humanity, and the desire to see her fellow person soar to heights unimagined. She identifies and debunks limiting belief systems. Dr Ethel is known by many for her ability to resolve conflicts.

She has worked with faith communities, mental health organizations, companies such as Microsoft, in coaching and mentoring leaders and employees alike.

Dr Ethel’s famous business mantra, “Your goal is my game plan, your uniqueness my point of interest. My express desire is to walk the journey of life with you, your family, company, and community. And to always leave you better than I met you.”

Treasurer and Career Coach
Dr. Esona Fomuso

Dr. Esona is a passionate IT leader and a VP in Agile Transformational Leadership at JP Morgan Chase. She is well-traveled and, in addition to her undergraduate studies of Computer Science at TU Darmstadt, Germany, acquired a Master of Science in Computer Science and later a doctorate in Information Technology. She is a licensed financial professional, an international Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP), and amongst other Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Certifications, is a certified Program Consultant.

As an IT Agile leader, Esona has over fifteen (15) years of high-yielding results in demonstrated business acumen from her software engineering background. She has served in areas ranging from software engineering to leading, training, and coaching teams to adopt and have an Agile mindset. Dr. Esona has also mentored students at one of her alumni and in other areas.

As a researcher, Esona is passionate about identifying and applying strategic solutions to modernize legacy applications and adopting an Agile mindset to software engineering solutions. She recently co-published an article titled “Local Governments: Outcomes of Enterprise Resource Planning System on Organizational Productivity” and continues to work on further research articles.

Given the broad areas explored, Dr. Esona is passionate about mentoring and coaching others, especially young women in STEM careers. Most especially in coaching and cheering others as they identify themselves and their place in the career world. Therefore, in addition to being the board treasurer, Dr. Esona serves as a career coach for Family Life Alignment.

Business Coach and Secretary
Mr. Nicholas Nkambi

Mr. Nicholas is a Cameroonian entrepreneur who has always had a passion for business. He is passionate about enlightening the African community and the world at large about the importance of business which improves the quality of life in two ways; by providing high quality goods and services for individual consumption and by offering employment opportunities to others. Everything considered, entrepreneurship generates income and improves quality of life. 

Mr. Nkambi oversees the business side of Family Life Alignment and serves as a business coach to members of the community who are interested in starting and owning their own business. He is also a member of the board of directors of FLA and the secretary of the organization.

Mr. Nkambi is married to his beautiful wife Honorine Nkambi and they both currently reside in Beaverton, Oregon. They are blessed with two children, a girl and boy. They love spending time together, with friends and travelling around the world.

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