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Family Life Alignment is a non-profit organization that was launched on October 29th 2022 in Gresham, Oregon by Reverend Amselin Ngum and Dr. Liz Ngum. Reverend Ngum migrated from Cameroon to the United States in 2013 and quickly observed and experienced the challenges that come with navigating and finding your way in a foreign system. Additionally, as a Pastor, he  interacts regularly with immigrant families and has noticed that some of these families lack proper orientation as to how the system works, and what they need to be successful in the United States. He noticed that some of the difficulties these families were going through could have been avoided if they had received the right information and proper mentorship in a timely manner. Some immigrants have had to take longer routes to accomplish their goals and dreams because of lack of information and role models. FLA was born out of compassion to help immigrant families accomplish their goals and dreams in a timely manner while strengthening family bonds and ties. FLA can be likened to a tour guide who provides information, directives, guidance and even mentorship to anyone in need of her services. Rev. Ngum believes that healthy families make healthy communities!



Upcoming Events

Aug 10

Educational and Career Symposium

Confused on what career pathway to follow? Wondering what courses you need to take to achieve your career goals? Come talk to our career and educational coaches. Our coaches will guide you to make wise career and educational decisions and mentor you through the process even after this event.

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Nov 23

Mental Clean-up and Reset

As you get ready to wrap up the year 2024, it is important to have a mental check-up, to declutter and reset for an amazing new year. Our mental health professionals will work you through a mental check-up, decluttering and resetting your mind and emotions. This session will feature a Q&A session with our panelist of mental health professionals and counsellors.

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